Welcome to my blog, you will most likely find something interesting and unlogical on this site.

My name is Ken Martin Kvandal, I live in Norway and was born in the fantastic year of 1988. CyberKenny is just a nickname I came up with while in the shower, fits nicely with a job as the “IT guy”…

About this blog:
One of the things that never fails is me remembering procedures. Name any problem, and I can guarantee you that I in fact do not remember what one is supposed to do when either this or that stops working. In short, we’re referring to troubleshooting steps! Sometimes, Google is just too far away…

I’m getting tired of reinventing the wheel, we all do. This blog is now the start of a usable knowledgebase for myself and others that may or may not experience Pandora’s Box like events. Take for instance, Windows Update not functioning. What steps may or may not be required for getting that to work again?

My vision originally was to “jot down” the most common problems, issues and questions – only to further research and find any kinds of solutions or workarounds that seem to have an effect on the issues. Comments are good, they help to rationalize the content and give open feedback.

That is the imperative; that is the meaning of this blog!

Happy readin’
Ken Martin

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